Zodiac 1 & 2

Hardware Specifications

Zodiac was available in two models
Zodiac 1: $299 (Slate gray color with 32MB of RAM)
Zodiac 2: $399 (Charcoal gray color with 128MB of RAM).

Product Features
Weight: 6.3 ounces
Housing: Anodized aluminum

Analog controller (or joystick) with 360 degrees of motion, built-in triggers and action button array similar to other gaming consoles.

Built-in stereo speakers, 3.5 mm headphone jack, Zodiac earbuds, and Yamaha audio chip.

Dual expansion slots to add memory with SD cards.  Zodiac also supported mulitmedia game cards and SDIO peripherals (e.g., Digital Camera, WiFi, GPS, etc.)

IrDA for short-range beaming and Bluetooth™ for multiplayer wireless gaming with a 30-foot range.

Sony (480 x 320), backlit color display. 
Note: This display offered 2X the resolution of PocketPC and
4X the resolution of Nokia N-Gage and GameBoy Advance.

Zodiac used two processors: the Motorola® i.MX ARM9 processor and the ATI® Imageon W4200 graphics accelerator with 8MB of dedicated memory.