This website is a simple tribute and heartfelt thank you to the founding team, advisors, partners, and investors that contributed to Tapwave and the development and launch of the Zodiac Console. While ultimately this startup was not a commercial success, the journey, learning opportunity, and overall team experience was amazing and something most of us will always treasure.

As we learned along the way, timing is everything and the pre-announcement of the first PlayStation Portable (PSP) as we prepared for the Zodiac launch had a significant impact on our ability to raise additional capital, advance critical game publishing initiatives, and subsidize the price of the hardware through a strong game and content revenue model. Somehow a $20 million term sheet evaporated with Sony's untimely announcement.

After many strategic partnership and acquisition meetings behind the scenes (i.e., with companies like Palm, Philips, Sony, Nintendo, Panasonic, and Hewlett Packard, etc.), we were thankful in the end that Motorola acquired the entire organization and one of our key partners in Taiwan acquired the core intellectual property.

Perhaps with our next generation "Tsunami" design, this new era of crowdfunding, and the Android OS and developer community the story would have had a different ending.

Thanks again!

P.S. If you have comments or suggestions for the website, please send an email message to ZodiacConsole@gmail.com.

Opening Day at Tapwave - May 2002

With our Series A funding of $4 million dollars secured, it was time to move into our first office building in Mountain View, CA.  Pictured here are several members of the original founding team along with our Board of Advisors.